Experience authentic, traditional, historical, educational and cultural ninja training with ninja clothes, shuriken(ninja stars), ninja sword, and other ninja weapons at tatami dojo in down town Kyoto, Japan.
The best things to do in Kyoto and Top 10 activity in Japan on TripAdvisor for Group, Couple, Solo, Kids, Family, Activity, Martial arts, Workout, Exercise, City, Indoor, Rain and All seasons.
At the store like a museum there are various ninja arms, tools, costumes and items that you couldn't find at other places.

Original and unique training which ninja actually used to train in the distant past. You can learn ninja arts, techniques, wisdom, spirits and survival skill by hands-on training in English.

Ninja technique is handed down from over 500 years ago. Ninja arts is for peace and survival. It includes a lot of wisdom of our predecessors. Why don't you feel spirit, wisdom and survival skill of ninja.

The authentic and traditional ninja trainings

Entry level 1-hour lesson: basic ninja training
Ninja meditation 'Kuji-In', Ninja breathing, Ninja walking, Introduction gimmick and trap at ninja trick house, Demonstration and training for Ninja sword techniques, Sword drawing, Kunai(Dagger) techniques, Shuriken(Ninja star) throwing, Ninja blowgun(blow darts).
The price is 8,500 yen per person, 7,000 yen per kid(ages 5-14).

Elementary level 2-hour lesson: include entry level lesson and additional 5 more techniques
Ninja meditation 'Kuji-In', Ninja breathing, Ninja walking, Body operation, Introduction gimmick and trap at ninja trick house, Demonstration and Training for Ninja sword technique, Sword drawing, Kunai(Dagger), Kusarigama(Sickle with chain), Rope technique, Kunai with rope, Shuriken(Ninja star), Stick type shuriken, Chopsticks technique and Ninja blowgun(blow darts).
The price is 12,500 yen per person, 10,500 yen per kid(ages 5-14).

Inclusions: Ninja clothes rental during training. Hands-on lessons in English.
Notice: - The training is GROUP lesson for 1-6 people (1-10 people in busy season).
Kids (ages 5-14) are required to take the lesson with Adult. *We can't accept that only kids join.

Optional fee of PRIVATE lesson:
- Elementary level 2-hour is 75,000 yen per group(1-6 people) / 120,000 yen per group(7-10 people).
- Entry level 1-hour is 51,000 yen per group(1-6 people) / 80,000 yen per group(7-10 people).

Optional plan: If you need group lesson for 11 or more people, please ask us.


Lesson is advance booking and payment required. Please book by booking system below. (Please understand difficult to book in busy season.)

Booking 1-hour lesson
Availability: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm everyday. 7pm on tuesday and sometimes.

Booking 2-hour lesson
Availability: 10am everyday. 6:30pm on tuesday and sometimes.

If you want to book PRIVATE leeson, please book by email below.

Booking PRIVATE leeson by email
1-hour lesson: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm everyday
2-hour lesson: 10am everyday

* If booking system doesn't work, please send email. booking@ninjadojo.net

The short ninja lessons

Shuriken(ninja star) experience
Real metal shuriken: 1,000 yen for 15 throws

Ninja blowgun(blow darts)
Longl blowgun: 1,000 yen for 15 darts

The short lessons for kids(under 14)

Shuriken(ninja star) experience
Rubber shuriken: 500 yen for 15 throws

Ninja blowgun(blow darts)
Short blowgun: 500 yen for 15 darts

Exclusions: Ninja clothes

Option fee: Ninja clothes rental is 3,000 JPY

Booking Short lesson
Availability: 10am-6pm (anytime)
It is very busy season between 21 March and 20 April. So we don't accept booking for short lesson. But please come, if there are availability on the day you could take the short lesson. *Please be undrstand availability might be few.

The Ninja and Kimono Store

Ninja items store

Ninja arms, various shurikens, ninja sword, samurai sword, ninja clothing and other items.

Shurikens (Ninja stars)
500 yen to 1,000 yen

Ninja sword and Samurai sword
from 12,000 yen

Kimono Shop

Kimono atelier Akane is located on the 3rd floor of Ninja Dojo.

We have various kimonos, obi-belts, kimono-socks, original kimono robes for sale.

Check details on website

Online shop


Kimono Photo-Shooting

We also have " Kimono rental service + Photo-shooting". Professional "Kitsuke-shi ( Kimono dresser) " choose a beautiful coordination of a kimono for you then she dress you up neatly with the movement between martial art and Japanese traditional dance.
After dressing in Kimono, our staff take pictures of you with the imitation sword, Japanese umbrella or Ninja weapons in the photogenic courner of Ninja Dojo !

Casual Kimono rental + Photo ( around 20 photos) : 8 000 yen per person
Booking casual kimono photo-shooting

Formal deluxe kimono for 1 couple + dressing + Hair arrangement + Make up + Studio photo shooting ( around 50 photos) : 100 000 yen
Booking Formal deluxe kimono photo-shooting

Please check other pictures on our website!


Shop Information
Open: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Closed: irregularly
Please check opening hours and closed on facebook page
Credit cards: major cards accepted
Phone: 070-2289-2228
Admission: free
Email Us
2F 528 Hakurakuten-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Access: 3-minute walk from Shijo-Karasuma, Shijo station on the Subway Karasuma line and Karasuma station on the Hankyu Kyoto line. 15-minute by taxi or train from Kyoto station on the JR line.
伊賀流 忍者道場 忍道具屋
京都市下京区白楽天町528 二階

最寄り駅:地下鉄烏丸線「四条」駅 阪急京都線「烏丸」駅