"What's Ninja definition?"
This is the quest today for our Walking Tour. Previously learn how to walk traditionally and sneak step, wear "Tabi"(split toed) shoes with black suits. Bringing all skills for understanding deep Kyoto culture and history!

The course of Ninja walking tour about 4 hours

"Kuji-in" the way for Ninja meditation consists of 9 elements with 9 finger figure.

Let's start to walk in Kyoto!

We will visit some local shops to see traditional craft work.

"Bukko-jo" temple means the ray of Buddha.

Study how purify by water before coming to sacred areas.

Inside Bukko-ji temple.

In th spring, those cherry trees will bloom so nice.

In front of Kyoto doll shop.

Explaining a ornaments on the roof tile.

It is the story about famous Ninja fought with armed monk at here's bridge.

"Geisha" and "Maiko" street.

There is a big difference between temple and shrine for praying.

"Marishitem" god is believed by large numbers of Ninja and Samurai.

The world smallest Ukiyoe(wood block print) museum.

He is rare and survival "Ukiyoe "(wood block print) artist.

It was believed that borderline hell and pure land(heaven) here's around. Have some stories about goust and the world after life.

The entrance leading to preserved area with narrow pathways.

"Chionin"temple was under the patronage of shogun who hired our Ninja roots.


Price: 10,000 yen per person
Inclusions: Ninja clothes rental during tour
Approx time: 4 hours
Notice: The tour is group tour for 1-8 people. Over 15 years old could join the tour.
Optional fee: The price of PRIVATE tour is 80,000 yen per group(1-8 people)

Please let us know that your name, booking date and numbers of people by email below.

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